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About us

About us

ATL JET Scheduled and/or Non-scheduled Passenger Aircraft & Private Aircraft & Helicopter & Ambulance Aircraft Chartering and Aviation Training and Education and Training and Aviation Training and Services, which started as the Operations Coordinator at Turkish Airlines (THY AO) in 2007 and was founded by Mustafa ATİLLA in the second quarter of 2021 after 14 years of experience in the aviation industry. It gives you expertise in Project Consultancy services regarding aviation.

You will have the flexibility to choose the departure time of your plane, helicopter, and ambulance according to your own schedule.

You will save time lost in airport security and waiting rooms.

You will have 24/7 flight options for you whenever and wherever you want, whether on your domestic or international flights.

Your safety, security, comfort, and privacy of your flight are essential for us in all your travels.